Cut Food Directly
The kitchen is arguably the heart of every home. It enjoys the highest traffic day in and day out. It’s also where all the action takes place as all the family meals are prepared here. But as someone who loves to cook, we know how frustrating it can be to always have to use and clean a cutting board in which to prepare the ingredients. We’re sure, a lot of those who love to cook can attest to how we feel.
One of the reasons stone countertops, particularly quartz, are a popular kitchen countertop choice is due to their hardiness. This has led to the notion that quartz countertops can function as cutting boards themselves. Is that really true? Can quartz countertops be used to cut food directly without any damage to the countertop itself?


The good news is that quartz is an extremely tough and durable material. In fact, it’s one of the hardest materials around. It is one of the materials to have a great capacity to resist cuts and scratches.As opposed to natural stone slabs that are naturally solid, quartz is an engineered stone and is made up of small pieces of stone mixed with a resin and is compacted. This resin mixture gives the quartz countertop its strength and durability.So to answer the question: yes, you can directly cut food on quartz countertops since they can resist any scratching or slicing damage that is inflicted on their surface. However, you can only do this up to a certain extent.


Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. The same, old adage also applies to cutting directly on quartz countertops.There are many different reasons why you should NOT cut directly on quartz countertops. One of these reasons is that the surface can still suffer damage when enough force is applied to it. Quartz is not a perfectly hard material – nothing is. That is why our quartz countertop can still be damaged when you hack at it with great force.Another reason is to protect your precious knives from damage. Incredibly hard surfaces are one of the worst enemies of sharp edges. By continually slicing food on hard surfaces such as quartz countertops, your knives will lose their sharp edge and will be unable to cut food at all. This is a big no-no for those who love to cook.And by definition, the ability to resist scratches and slicing damage to the countertops is exactly that – just being scratch and slice resistant. This does not mean quartz countertops are damage-proof. Therefore, while it may still resist damage, it’s not entirely in the clear. Scratch marks, dents, and chips can still be seen on your countertop surface if you continue to cut directly on your quartz countertop.When working with raw meat, use a cutting board. The meat itself doesn’t damage the countertop. It’s what is left behind that can hurt your countertop, other food items, or even your health. Various meats contain bacteria that can seep through small openings on the quartz countertop surface. These bacteria can propagate and contaminate other food items, which could also lead to problems for your health. You can, of course, clean the surface using disinfectants, but these can still damage your countertop seal, which opens up your countertop surface to staining.

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